giovedì 26 marzo 2015

The secret in life exhibited At egyptian academy in Roma

This painting comes from watching many sunrise by the nile in Luxor. Studyng and visiting , thanks  to the symposium and all the professors involved, all the main temples and amazing sites that Egypt offers. The painting is huge  and hides thousands of  little figures and secrets like this amazing land. it mesures 2 mt by 2, and it shows the life that nile bring within.  This painting made in 2011 in Egypt, Luxor, is now exhibited in Roma, at the Egyptian Academy, in via omero 11. Art can bring people from all over the world together admiring the biggest miracle of life. Many thanks to the Luxor Symposium
I have to thanks Ibrahim Ghazala, Carmine Siniscalco, Prof Zaki, Prof Horabi 

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